The SmartyGrants team is dedicated to ensuring our software works for you. Below are some of our more common services you may want to consider.

(Services prices only is shown below. For software options and pricing, please consult this list. For training options and prices, please consult this list.)

Service Fee
FORM BUILDING: Our form builders are expert system users and experts in grantmaking. You define the fields, we build the form, you test, happy days. $265 per hour
REPORT BUILDING: Our report builders are expert data wranglers. If report building is giving you indigestion, hand it over to us. $265 per hour
SPECIALIST SUPPORT: We can provide a range of grantmaking support services, from review of guidelines or forms to process mapping to full-suite grants management. $195 - $265 per hour

Fees correct as at January 2022. All fees expressed in NZD.

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