Because SmartyGrants is hosted by us, implementation is very simple at your end.

Most new clients start by setting up a trial account (you can do that even before you've spoken to us). Any information that's loaded into a trial account can later be transferred to a live account so you don't have to waste time dealing with dummy data if you don't want to.

Our Help Hub is freely available to users and is a great source of written documentation, video tutorials and other resources. You can also check out our pricing model and training options.

Once you're ready to go, we'll send you our standard agreement. You review and return that to us, and we'll start skinning your SmartyGrants applicant site (copying the look and feel of your own website). That usually takes us around two weeks.

For the vast majority of clients, that's it! You can start finalising your forms, setting up your rounds, stages and budgets. Once you open a round, you're ready to start using the applicant site link for advertising your round and getting those applications coming in.

See the pricing model for other inclusions.

Need extra help?

If your organisation does have particularly complex needs and you think you might need extra help getting up and running, we have a team of trusted consultants we can put you in touch with. They know grantmaking and they know SmartyGrants so we're confident they'll help you smooth out any bumps you might encounter.

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