The SmartyGrants Grantmaking Toolkit

The smart way to build, review or refresh your grants program

Grantmaking toolkit

The experts behind Australia's most-used and best-loved grants administration system bring you the definitive how-to guide for building best practice into your grants processes and program.

This toolkit is designed to walk you through the process of building, reviewing or refreshing a grants program. The easy-to-follow stages will provide you with the necessary knowledge and systems to build and administer grants programs for maximum impact.

The toolkit will help with:

  • Key policy and operational decisions
  • Identifying key tasks, decisions and methods
  • Identifying (and avoiding) common problems
  • Building your own grants manual
  • Expressing unique elements of your grants program

Nine stages and 24 templates to guide your way

The toolkit takes you through nine crucial stages when it comes to an effective and efficient grants program including:

  1. Plan and design
  2. Record keeping
  3. Identifying outcomes agents
  4. Assessment and decision-making
  5. Notification
  6. Agreements
  7. Monitoring
  8. Closing grants
  9. Evaluation

You'll also get access to 24 separate templates helping you tailor each of those stages to your organisation, from developing that program overview to a strategy to help you learn the lessons from each round.

Access the Grantmaking Toolkit

SmartyGrants users have access to the Grantmaking Toolkit as part of their subscription.

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